Meet speaker: Michaël Nieuwesteeg

Michael Nieuwesteeg MSc MEng (1959) is managing director of NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre. Michael is a trainer for the NVC Training and Education department on sustainable innovation in packaging and accessible design. Before joining the NVC (1997) Michael was business unit manager within a major medical corporation with worldwide responsibility for the development, manufacturing and sales of intracorporeal medical microsensors in cardiology, urology and neurology. He worked as a member of scientific staff in semiconductor research at a large consumer-electronics and healthcare multinational before that. After graduating in Chemistry (Utrecht University, with honours) and Chemical Engineering (Twente University) he was editor-in-chief of a monthly popular-scientific magazine in The Netherlands for two years (1984-85).
Michael Nieuwesteeg is board member of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), secretary of the European Packaging Institutes Consortium (EPIC) and chairman of the Netherlands Packaging Standardisation Committee. As member of the Convenors Action Group (CAG) within ISO he was closely involved in the development of the new world standards on packaging and environment.

Speaker Schedule

In 2013, Michaël Nieuwesteeg appearing in