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  • Packaging materials and commodities
  • Packaging Development, Innovation and Technology
  • Packaging Design and Branding

Day 1, 26 January 2015


Introductory remarks by the main moderator in the plenary room 

opening keynote
packaging materials and commodities

  • Changing the face of traditional packaging: Introducing truly sustainable innovative techniques
  • Shrinking the box and the costs: Packaging size reduction that saves up to USD $20m in packaging material
  • Moving beyond bio-based mushroom and renewable bamboo packaging
  • Optimising the supply chain to bring consumers better packaging, faster and at a lower cost

Oliver Campbell
Director of Worldwide Procurement & Packaging Engineering

keynote presentation
packaging design and branding

  • Translating the brand identity of personal care brands such as Dove or Lynx into creative and efficient packaging design to ensure right packaging solutions are delivered
  • Achieving a holistic package design that reflects main brand values and satisfies consumer needs
  • Investing in a consumer-centric approach to packaging design and innovation that builds trust in new brands and adds value to established ones

Paul Howells
VP Packaging - R&D

expert commentary
packaging development, innovation and technology

  • EUROPEN’s perspective on Packaging & Sustainability
  • Industry views on EU Waste Policy Review
  • Future policy and business trends towards more Resource Efficiency

Virginia Janssens
Managing Director

case study
packaging materials and commodities


  • What constitutes innovation that disrupts?
  • An overview of key case studies that demonstrate this in action
  • Hear how disruptive innovation has been deployed within the Coca-Cola Company 

Sanjay Patel
Global Enhanced Hydration Packaging Innovator
The Coca-Cola Company

case study
packaging development, innovation and technology

  • Retrieving plastic waste from the sea to create an entirely new type of recyclable plastic bottle
  • Discovering a new form of recyclable plastic incorporating sea plastic, post-consumer recyclables and plant-based plastic
  • Working closely with suppliers, fishing communities and Waste Free Oceans (WFO) to collect plastic from the seas around Europe
  • Facing challenges in finding recycled PP: Incorporating no petrol-based materials in the bottle

Tom Domen
Long Term Innovation Manager

case study
packaging design and branding

  • The Journey from Squiggle to Shelf
  • The Brand Role of Innovation
  • Inspiring Channel Diversity through innovation
  • The importance of IP
  • Key lessons learned


Helen Cooper
Managing Director
Grasshopper Foods




  • Explore the journey that Tetra Pak have undertaken to be able to more efficiently serve their clients
  • Identify what excellent project management really looks like
  • Ensure that the upstream elements of your business are working to deliver the best product at the best price

Carlo Baroncelli
Vice President
Solving Efeso

Giovanni de Filippo
Vice President Supply Chain Capital Equipment
Tetra Pak


  • Factory 4.0. How can the industry prepare its factories for the future in automation?
  • How to Reduce the material input, how to reduce the energy consumption, how to reduce the maintenance costs,
  • How to produce larger quantities, with new automation technology

Christian Schulze
International Senior Business Development Manager
Beckhoff Automation GmbH



  • Online workflow tools to streamline and facilitate the graphical process
  • Digital dot and wet proofs with full print predictability to brand managers
  • Preparing artworks for printing according to printers' specifications
  • Maintaining brand and colour consistency across different materials
  • Case study: Success factors and lasting benefits for companies such as Beiersdorf

Otto Groen
Commercial Director

Martin Böhm
Head of Market Intelligence & Information Management
Beiersdorf AG

case study
packaging materials and commodities

  • Technology forecasts for biopolymers, bioplastics and non-biodegradable bio-derived thermoplastics
  • Changing the way plastics are used in the packaging industry: Innovative technologies to upgrade the properties of biopolymers
  • Key industry drivers and trends

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Josef Endres
IfBB – Institute for Bioplastics and Biocomposites

case study
packaging design and branding

  • Understanding consumer and retailer needs before designing the package
  • Bringing together the realities of the supply chain into design
  • Redesigning packaging to optimise shelf space and stand out against your competitors
  • Providing cost effective design solutions to reduce expenses whilst remaining innovative and consumer-centric

Guido Schmitz
Head of Packaging and Technology Innovation, Global R&D
Bayer Healthcare

case study
packaging design and branding

  • Identifying key drivers to create and launch engaging packaging designs
  • Managing the manufacturing process and overcoming challenges to produce 4 million unique bottles
  • Re-inventing existing technology to favour chance over consistency

Eric Näf
Director, Packaging Development
Pernod Ricard


  • Green polyethylene, made from sugar cane - renewable and sustainable
  • Drop in replacement for your polyethylene packaging
  • Fully recyclable within existing waste streams
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of your products and company

Marco Jansen
Commercial Director, Renewable Chemicals (Europe and North America)


  • Controlled workflows from “idea to print”
  • Permanent status control and follow up on timing
  • Traceability and transparency in communication
  • Efficient approval process management
  • Data archive
  • Process revision and cost control

Paul Land
Product Manager, Wave and Web Solutions
5Flow GmbH, A part of Matthews Brand Solutions



  • Hear a case study that demonstrates how external innovation is vital to outperform in your business
  • How project-based network alliances enable you to do so
  • See a variety of 'ready-to-use' packaging innovations

Peter Nieuwkerk
Managing Director/Owner
Budelpack Poortvliet BV

packaging development, innovation and technology





The innovation showcase is designed to highlight innovative products or strategies that have been introduced into the packaging market. Each speaker will have 5 minutes to showcase their innovation in this quick fire session.  

Jon White
Managing Director

Kai Leppanen
VP Sales and Business Development Europe

Marcus Weise
Business Development Manager, Speciality Papers
Stora Enso

Sanjay Patel
Global Enhanced Hydration Packaging Innovator
The Coca-Cola Company

Tim Hill
Development Director
Brand Union

panel discussion
packaging design and branding

  • Key factors of mobile ordering in driving the supply chain of packaged products
  • Online retail packaging and return logistics: A nightmare on the high street
  • Brand development in online shopping packaging: Communicating with the consumer at the doorstep
  • Ensuring a sustainable web retail packaging future - do’s and don’ts in e-commerce

Michaël Nieuwesteeg
Managing Director
NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre

Oliver Campbell
Director of Worldwide Procurement & Packaging Engineering


The chair of the summit comments on the main highlights of the first day of the conference and invites all delegates to  the welcome reception


Day 2, 27 January 2015


Introduction to the second and last day of conferences

expert commentary
packaging development, innovation and technology

  • Exploring the consumer-centric design approach at Nestlé
  • Discovering the role of Industrial Designers in the Packaging Innovation process
  • Design Thinking or Integrative Thinking? Learning how designers should collaborate with packaging engineers and other functions
  • How to integrate external innovations? Building 5 Generation roadmaps at Nestlé

Christian Saclier
Global Head of Industrial Design

keynote presentation
packaging design and branding

  • How packaging can be reframed as a contributor to a sustainable system
  • Thinking holistically about customer insight, product, pack and the entire chain
  • New tools and ways of working required to think in an integrated way
  • The role of designers and marketing

Dorothy Mackenzie
Dragon Rouge

interactive think tank

An opportunity for delegates to generate new

ideas and ways of solving problems in small,
mixed-sector groups with a maximum of 10
delegates per table. In this interactive roundtable
session, led by a renowned industry leader,
delegates will explore questions that get at the
bedrock fundamentals of packaging innovation,
leadership, education and talent, strategic
thinking and investment needs in the industry.

interactive think tank

Forget cost cutting or innovation - leaders prepare: the times of 'either or' are over

  • The horn of plenty is drying up, be it an organisation's financial resources, or the raw materials nature provides us with. This means we need to cut not only cost but also consumption of materials, raw or otherwise.
  • At the same time customer at all levels are getting more demanding, wanting things cheaper, better, and more specific to their personal needs.
  • What tools are available to leaders to achieve this balancing act?

Dr Bettina von Stamm
Catalyst & Director
Innovation Leadership Forum

interactive think tank

The think tank is designed for delegates to share experiences and ideas in developing sustainable business relationships that maximise efficiency and minimise risk.

  • Are there benefits to regularly evaluating key supplier relationships?
  • How to foster partnerships
  • How do you evaluate relationships?
    • What tools / methodologies are the most effective?
    • What should be measured?
    • Should assessments be two-way?
    • What type of relationships are appropriate to measure?
  • How can you improve relationships/what is considered best practice?

Simon Rhind-Tutt
Founder & Managing Partner
Relationship Audits & Management


  • Evaluate material-based security solutions
  • Explore the inspection platform tool
  • Hear strategies for success

Fabrice Equer
Business Development Director


  • View on future trends and packaging value chain developments for brand owners, retail and end consumers
  • Key issues in packaging for brand owners and retail
  • Opportunities for brand owners and retail with packaging solutions
  • Expected implications for the packaging industry in 2016 and beyond, in particular for the food, beverage and electronics segments

Hannu Alalauri
SVP Packaging Solutions, Renewable Packaging
Stora Enso

case study
packaging materials and commodities

  • Additional pressure on packaging requirements for differing supply chain routes
  • Pressure on retail space from a shrinking bricks and mortar estate
  • Is fulfilling the customers every whim sustainable?
  • Does the current home delivery model work for anyone?

Kay Hedges
Group Packaging Development Manager

case study
packaging development, innovation and technology

  • New packaging system for preparing food in microwave allowing the introduction of totally new food concepts on the market
  • Latest innovations in paper-based packaging, including a 100% paper-based bottle for liquids, paper with barrier properties and heat-less drying of paper to upgrade sustainability
  • Flexible packaging lines: developing a total flexible food packaging line including flexible printing and microwave heating system

Søren Rahbek Østergaard
Head of Packaging Section
Danish Technological Institute
Packaging, Logistics and Materials

case study
packaging design and branding

  • Strategic and informed packaging design options to stand out on shelf
  • The importance of colour, shape and symbols for brand identification
  • The best use of labels to highlight the brand and main product features

Jessica Felby
Global Design Director

case study
packaging materials and commodities

  • Differentiating dairy packaging via novel formats
  • Cost saving aspects on packaging
  • Potential secondary packaging rationalisation

Torkel Bergengren
Head of Packaging Development and Innovation
Arla Foods

case study
packaging development, innovation and technology

  • Examining the various social responsibility challenges in the emerging markets
  • Macroeconomic view and why is it relevant to packaging?
  • Is “LCCS” still a buzz word in Procurement? The supplier’s unique selling proposition is changing
  • Developing and collaborating with suppliers in the developed and emerging markets


Gilbert Chow
Global Category Leader - Packaging
Associated British Foods

case study
packaging design and branding

  • Steps for finding extraordinary solutions to ordinary problems
  • Tap the potential for brand design leadership hidden inside every invisible, taken for granted or overlooked product
  • Ten questions that you can ask yourself when you need a big win in the market
  • Understand how your design solution will get more people to buy more products, more often, for more money

Christine Mau
Global Design Director


  • Packaging sustainability at P&G: 2020 goals and long-term environmental goals
  • Case studies of recently launched sustainable products
  • Collaborations on sustainability

Gian De Belder
Senior Packaging Engineer
Procter & Gamble


Summary of main highlights and lessons learnt during the summit